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(904) 590-1789
Danny Bungard

Sit Happens Dog Trainer Extraordinaire and Powerhouse People-Person Danny Bungard. Danny is an Army Veteran, former underwater welder and consummate family man. He previously owned a dog walking business. As a result, he realized to help more people he would have to make a change. Therfore,he decided to find a company that could take him to the next level. Danny joined Sit Happens after starting on a quest to expand his training knowledge. He explored other companies, but quickly realized they didn’t have what he was looking for. Our motto, “LIVE BEYOND THE LEASH”, directly applied to how he has shared his life with his own dog, Baron, a Border Collie. His love for animals and his outgoing personality make him a natural fit for the Sit Happens team. He has an innate way of connecting with people and their struggles to get along better with their dogs.

Always the perfectionist, Danny strives to constantly improve his training abilities. The main goal was to bring his dog everywhere the family goes, and to help clients do the same. Baron is always part of the adventure. Whether it’s summiting snow covered mountains in Alaska, pub crawling in Jacksonville, kayaking Florida’s springs or skateboarding through St. John’s Town Center.

The next time you’re visiting Town Center, look a little closer, you just might see Danny and Baron go rolling by.

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